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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  April 19, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 7:00 a.m., sunday, april 19. nydia is off. a shooting wounds three people on the campus of delaware state university. the gunman has not been caught. 20 years ago today homegrown terror stunned america. today there's a remembrance for the oklahoma city bombing victims. sky6 live hd taking a live look for us now at atlantic city. you can see the waves crashing on to the shore there right now. it was so hot yesterday but it does not appear that nice, steamy weather is going to last for us, as meteorologist david murphy is outside with the accuweather forecast. cooler air is moving in. >> reporter: it sure is, already feels a little bit cool on the terrace, eva although we have
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plenty of sunshine and high, thin clouds. take a look at satellite. looks worse than it is. the cloud cover marched in the overnight hours, it will get thicker as the day goes on. winds are out of the northeast at expected. down the shore you're on or about 50 degrees currently. in allentown 43. 56 in philadelphia. winds fairly light. so comfortable if you have a light jacket. as you roll through the day it's not going to be as warm as yesterday. yesterday we shot up to 8 81 degrees in philadelphia. at noon we're at 60. the high will be 63 around 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. back down to 60 degrees, one thing that hadn't changed from yesterday is the pollen counter. we're running high for the tree pollen spores. allergy sufferingers beware. the -- sufferers beware.
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tomorrow morning's commute look wet. when i come back we'll track the morning rain and see if it dries out in the afternoon. >> stay up on weather by using the storm tracker 6 live app. the 6abc storm tracker 6 live app is a free download for your mobile device. a manhunt continues this morning for the person who shot three people on the delaware state university campus, all of the victims are in the hospital. we learned new information overnight. a dsu spokesman said the gunfire erupted during a campus cookout a university sanctioned event. at this point there's no confirmation that the victims are students or if the shooter is a student. students on campus were told to get inside.
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anyone not a student was told to leave the campus, police are trying to sort out what led to the shooting. >> this is brand new video a fire damaged a family home in mount holly new jersey it has left four families homeless. the fire started late last night during a barbecue on the back porch. flames spread to the wall and up to the second floor of the home on the unit block of church street. the home was converted into apartments for the families. they are all okay, the red cross is helping them out. st. joe's prep is mourning the loss of freshman football player ryan gulliard. kenneth moten has more. >> reporter: we spoke off camera with the father of ryan, he said the teenager was simplingly a good kid. he is waiting for autopsy results to find out how his son died. it was an emotional saturday as
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football coaches and students and parents grapple with the loss of the freshman. the linebacker and running back with was on the practice field for a morning conditioning workout when he collapsed in front of his teammates. his coaches ran to help, but they couldn't revive. ryan was rushed him to the temple university hospital where he was pronounced dead. his grief stricken father was at the practice and the hospital when his son died. he said he had no preexisting medical condition and played football since third grade. st. joe's expressed condolences to the family of the upper darby delaware county 15-year-old who also played babble at saint dennis in havertown.
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head football coach and the staff walked out after spending time with flares saturday. the school said grief counselors will be available all weekend as the community copes with the loss of the young athlete. there's a service scheduled to honor ryan. counselors will be on hand for students, faculty and staff on monday. reporting in north philadelphia, kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." 20 years ago today terrorism rocked american soil, 168 people were killed in the bombing of the federal buildings in oklahoma city. hundreds of other people are forever scarred by the plot carried out by an american citizen. ryan nobles in oklahoma city where a memorial is planned for the victims. >> reporter: often the first thing people think of when they hear oklahoma city. >> an explosion happened at the
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federal court building in downtown oklahoma city. >> reporter: someone detonated a ryder truck outside the buildings. it destroyed 30 builds in a 16 -- building in a 16 block radius. >> the bombing was an attack on innocent children and defenseless citizens. >> reporter: an oklahoma state trooper pulled over timothy mcveigh for driving without a license plate after the attack. shortly after his release he was recognized as the bombing suspect. terry nickels turned himself in the same day. he was computed in 2001. timothy james mcveigh was computed by healthal injection.
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oklahoma city banded together to turn the tragedy into something positive of they built this solemn memorial on the site of the former federal building dedicated after five years after the bombing took place. each victim was honored with a symbolic chair. including 19 small chairs of the small victims that died. the selfless action that took place after the bombing became known as the oklahoma standard. organizers are asking everyone to recommit to that standard two decades after terror ripped through this city. in oklahoma city, ryan nobles reporting. "good morning america" will have more on the oklahoma bombing anniversary after this newscast. next on "action news" sunday morning a wildfire is on the move threatening home homes in california.
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dash cam video shows police in new jersey pulling a woman alive out of a burning car. police come face-to-face with suspect and ohio -- and how the officer brought it to a peaceful end. >> reporter: in southern states we have a chance of large hail. if you're traveling out of town all the most frequently traveled destinations, no major delays in any of these cities. i'll be back with the afternoon call.
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he >> good sunday morning action can mean is live at the foot of the -- action cam is live at the foot of the art museum.
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it's the donor dash, it will bring attention to the need for organ and tissue donation. this is a good day to run. this is the kind of weather runners like. it's a little cool, you don't want to sweat too much. >> reporter: good cause, too, i have the organ donor thing on my license, you don't think about it much, but it's on there. storm tracker 6 live shows we're dry, that's good, dry as a bone. as we look outside we're looking at sunshine early. there's sky 6 looking at center city from the new sky6 hd camera atop morgan hall at temple university. a pretty picture of the city this morning. we don't have a whole lot of winds, cool, and sun getting through the high clouds. the winds are picking up out of the east at 15.
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and overall we're looking at blustery conditions across the region. up in the northern and western suburbs, the strong winds from the coast haven't reached you. but they will. the 15-mile an hour wind in philadelphia, a little high in terms of all the numbers but generally speaking during the afternoon a 1 to 25-mile an hour wind expected. so a little breezy out there today. you can see there are clouds, but they are high and thin enough to allow sun through. the clouds will get thicker coming in from the west as the day goes on. generally speaking it's going to be a pretty day though, with the sun mixing with increasing high clouds. 51 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 58 degrees by 11:00 a.m. the high today 63. yesterday we did get up into the low 80s across the region. a lot of you stopping in the upper 70s today as advertised it's going to be cooler. this is around average but cooler than yesterday but feeling differently. high temperatures milder far northwest away from the ocean
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66 in allentown low 60s in the i-95 corridor and down through millville and dover. a couple of spots down by the shore will stop in the 50s today. if you're heading to the play ground it's a different day than yesterday, you won't be sweating as much. 60 degrees by noon, 63 by 3:00 p.m., wind and cooler yesterday with the high clouds around. if you're heading to the union match at 5:00 p.m. along with me and my son. 62 degrees for the saturday of the match versus new england. 58 in the 90th minute. the union are undefeated in their last two contests we're hoping for a w at ppl park. by the time i'm back on the air at 4:30, 5:00 a.m., we'll see showers build in and heavy rain through the morning commute. this is a new model run and you can see how it's wet between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. during the afternoon still damp, but not quite as much of the pounding rain. there's a chance of blustery thunderstorms come through however.
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in fact the national weather service has us you under a low risk for severe thunderstorm. any thunderstorm that forms will have the potential of producing damaging wind and hail. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high 63, cooler than yesterday seasonable, breezy and still not bad. cloudy tomorrow, rain in the morning, damp with on and off showers in the afternoon. prepares a thunderstorm late in the day or evening. warmer high of 73. back to 67 on tuesday, sunny and breezy there. best chance of a shower is up in the northern and western suburbs. a spotty shower, mostly cloudy, otherwise and dipping down to 59. friday and saturday look dry and sunny, cooler with highs in the 50s. >> dry is good. thanks dave . developing overnight 300 homes were evacuated from southern california where a wild wildfire has scorched a riverbed
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in the town of correspond -- krona 255 firefighters are battling the blaze, the cause has not been determined. new video out of south philadelphia a mercedes driver ride has been mangled. he slammed into a tree at christopher columbus boulevard. the driver is expected to live. police have not said what caused the wreck. police dash cam video captured a close call for a female driver in north jersey. two officers rushed to the car that landen on the roof. smoke was pouring out of the vehicle as the officers cut the victim's seat belt with a knife to free her and pulled her out. moments later the car went up in flames. the officers were able to get to the scene quickly because of another driver's 911 call
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>> the body camera used by police officer in ohio caught the apprehension of a suspected killer who taunted the officer. >> shoot me, shoot me! back up! >> the dramatic confrontation shows 27-year-old michael wilcox daring the officer to shoot him the officer said he had been warned by dispatchers that wilcox may threaten suicide by cop and may have a gun under his seat. >> i opened a dialogue i want to shoot you get on the ground. he kept saying shoot me or i will shoot you. he got toward my face. i'm thinking at this point if he goes into attack i'll use deadly
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force to defend myself. >> wilcox surrendered as others arrived for back up. he was arrested and taken into custody for killing his 25-year-old fiance. officer said one of the relatives gave him the body camera to use after the shooting in ferguson, missouri, he joined the police force last april after serving in iraq as a marine. a little girl was critically injured after being attacked by a dog in west philadelphia. the 3-year-old dog was malled, the girl was being held by her 84-year-old grandmother. >> we're making the assertion that the dog got jealous that the grandmother was holding the child and the dog attacked the child mauling it about the head area. police rushed the little girl to children's hospital where she was taken into surgery. the 84-year-old grandmother was injured trying to protect the girl. the girl's unle -- uncle owns
7:20 am
the dog and this appears to be nothing but a tragic incident. will latif wilson died running into the road monday night. police have made contact with the suspected driver, but she has not been arrested. wilson's grandmother said the family needs justice and closure. >> it was a terrible accident, you shouldn't have kept going and kept move, but it is what it is. >> after the memorial service mourners released balloons in the youngster's honor.
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>> reporter: good morning, again, david murphy at the big board with storm tracker 6 live double scan. we're looking at rain and eventually severe weather in the central portion of the country but dry up here. what we are looking at here, however, is high clouds filtering in ahead of the rain which will make it into our neck of the woods overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. in allentown increasing high clouds breezy and cooler than yesterday, 66. a couple of degrees above average in the lehigh valley. down the shore, a little cooler, 57 degrees in atlantic city. high clouds, breezes off the ocean, insuring you stay on the cool side. in philadelphia, we'll go for a high of 63 today which is around average, a couple of degrees cooler nothing like yesterday's high near 80. but still reasonable for this time of the year. 50 the overnight low with the
7:24 am
rain arriving after midnight. >> the phillies losing streak is over. jeff skeverski is leading off with that in sports. >> reporter: series finale for the phillies later today 1:35 in washington. david buchanan none hopefully he can get on track today he allowed 11 earned runs in his two starts. phillies and nats, phillies looking for the first road win 5th inning tied at 2, freddie galvis run in. the bryce harper deep to center gone. three have come against the phils just like we're tied at 3. how about ben revere, how about the speed on this guy. he is was not in the lineup for the third straight game making a difference. we'll take a 1-run lead. chase utley hitting 119.
7:25 am
on a play with two on in the 7th. saving the game, phils win 5-3 ending the 6 game losing streak. flyers couldn't camp a break this season, why would last night's draft lottery be any different. they had a 6.5% shot of being in the number one shot in the overall pick. edmonton landing the top spot. while disappointing ron hextall said number 7 is his lucky number. nfl draft is less than two weeks away, everyone still wondering what eagles coach chip kelly will do will he be able to land his college quarterback? we caught you mean with michael vick in the city helping launch his wife's new store called my
7:26 am
hair closet. we asked the free agent quarterback what he thinks about chip getting rid of a a bunch of of the stars. >> he has a plan, all those guys landed on their feet that's a positive. i think chip it's about what he believes in, and it's an opportunity for him he knows exactly what's doing. >> reporter: vick is still looking for a job after a disappointing season with the jets. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a good day. # >> hundreds him people looking to take home a new friend walked through the doors of the pennsylvania spca that was closed since march 12 after the dogs came down with kennel cough. no animals died, but they shut it down as a precaution. all dogs are available for adoption for only 20 bucks. several hundred people took
7:27 am
part in a walk free center city to mark the 100th anniversary of a tragic event in history. this was the 8th annual philadelphia armenian genocide walk. they wanted to raise awareness of the atrocityies committed by the turkish government under the ottoman empire. they are calling on president obama and other world leaders to acknowledge the kills as a genocide.
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...these are the kings and queens of america. ♪ >> gunfire injuries three people on the delaware state university campus, developing details next on "action news" sunday morning. philadelphia police question a woman who allegedly took off in this suv after serverring a romantic rivals leg. students escape a burning bus in connecticut. let's go outside to david murphy. >> reporter: right now we have sunshine digging through high clouds it's a good looking morning. now for now they are high and
7:30 am
thin enough to let the sunshine shine through. even later today that's true to a degree but i think they will get thicker as the day goes on. we're at of a degrees in philadelphia. in with the breeze out of the northeast no longer dropping off off -- out of the north. in allentown 43. 52 in trenton, 56 in wilmington, low 50s along the boardwalk. if you're heading out to the boards for an early walk, it's a good looking morning. you have to bundle up a little bit. we got up to a high high of 81 degrees in philadelphia. man was that nice, everybody was walking around, everybody was dressed in shorts and ts, not today, that was the first 81-degree day since start of the year. it's possible we dip aibts in -- a
7:31 am
little bit in the suburbs but we're back up the in 60s the 63 degrees is around average it's cooler but this is what to expect for this time in april. we look at the palin count that hasn't changed. yesterday was high, today it's high. notice how it's low tomorrow what's going on there. we get rain after midnight. it will clear out the at, but make for -- the atmosphere, but make for an unsettled rush hour. we'll take a look at the rain's impact on the morning commute when i come back eva. >> we have a developing story out of the delaware state university. the a school official said the shooting happened around 8:00 p.m. at a school sanctioned cookout. there's no word when the victims are students. police are looking for suspects. students have been told to stay inside their dormitories. new this morning, a killer
7:32 am
has gunned down a man inside a west philadelphia home. the action cam was on the scene shortly after 1:00 a.m. this morning, the 700 block of north preston street. police say the victim was shot repeatedly. he was pronounced at the hospital. police have not indicated if they have any motives or suspect. three people are in the hospital after a car flipped over on a bucks county road. action cam was on the scene on sandy ridge drive in doylestown. the vehicle lost control on a sharp turn. two people were thrown from the car, one in critical condition. the other two in serious condition. no word on what caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle. a love triangle ended with one woman mowing down her romantic rival. the victim's leg was severed. annie mccormick has the
7:33 am
latest. >> reporter: saturday evening police drove a woman believed to be the suspect in friday's hit-and-run out of the 35th district. >> all i want to do is get her and see her in court. >> reporter: witnesses say the white suv with a woman identified as precious mowed down deedee spence. the alleged motive thought the victim was vying for her man. even from her hospital bed side the victim denies that. the. >> she keep saying she ran me over mom and took my leg mom. nobody going to want me now because i have one leg. >> reporter: a tip led police to the discovery of the white dodge durango with front end damage. police believe it is the same vehicle caught on surveillance. >> i saw her coming one one miles per hour running up here.
7:34 am
i was telling everybody to move. >> reporter: the victim's uncle was hit. is if that tragedy wasn't enough the family forgot about cooking on the stove did you during the chaos and the fire destroyed the home. the family is getting assistance from the red cross and family members due to the fire they had in the home. earlier in the day on friday, they did have problems with the woman who they believe is behind the wheel of the vehicle, they believe she flew a brick at their home and they tell me they did file a police report. reporting in logan, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> bensalem police have made an arrest in a child luring case. juan perez jaurez tried to get an 8-year-old girl in his car he allegedly exposed himself to her. the girl's father confronted him and he drove away and crashed into a pole before being
7:35 am
captured. kellen -- college students scramble to escape a burning bus in massachusetts. >> reporter: 52 seniors from the university of connecticut scrambling to get out of a burning bulls runaway to a safe distance. moments before confusion a smoke filled the cabin for the second time. the first time the bus stopped the driver fixed the problem and the bus company telling the driver to keep going. just a short time later. >> the bus driver asked what and he heard that and kept driving. >> reporter: he was still driving when. >> the smoke got thick and black. >> reporter: students escaped from the bus when the back of the bus exploded into flames. the scary moments captured on cell phone. >> i was panicking.
7:36 am
>> reporter: investigators don't know what sparked the fire, nobody was injured. the students were in a caravan of four buses heading to boston for a senior lunch crews they never made it to the ship. the university sent a bus to bring them back home. abc news new york. the 119th boston marathon steps off tomorrow morning. thousands will take part, they are boston strong. on tuesday the penalty phase in the marathon bombing case gets underway. dzhokhar tsarnaev could be put to death. martin richards died in the attack, his parents said the sentencing could bring years of appeals and relieving the most painful days in our life. republicans gathered in new hampshire where the first presidential primary will takes
7:37 am
place next year. randal paul lashed out at his fell republicans over foreign policy. he said they will do more harm than clinton. >> the other republicans will criticize the president and hillary clinton for their foreign policy they would have done the same thing ten times over. >> paul blasted clinton saying she failed to protect diplomats in libya. hillary clinton is expected to be in new hampshire tomorrow. route 32 bridge in phoenixville will be closed. there will be detours on to already congests roads. route 422 and oaks. egypt road to 29 to bridge street to phoenixville. the rebuilding of the bridge will last until late this year. in the case month the
7:38 am
pennsylvania ballet pay tributes to one of philadelphia's a most celebrated choreographers. karen rogers has 6abc loves the arts. sky6 live hd looking a beautiful picture of atlantic city. blue skies and beautiful day shaping up. not as warm as yesterday but david murphy will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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>> sunday, sunday, sky6 live hd looking live over center city for us, on this blue sky sunday morning, as we wake up. 58 degrees, it will be a beautiful spring day meteorologist david murphy here with us. it's not going to be steamy like yesterday. >> reporter: yesterday it was very warm. it was around 80. it will be like that in a couple of months. storm tracker 6 live showing us we have high clouds over the shore and the rest of the region. they will allow sunshine through. that picture we just showed you in center city a lot of sunshine breaking through. more overcast in cape may. everybody else has sun later on. temperature cooler at the shore breeze blowing off the water in cape may and atlantic city. 56 in philadelphia, a little bit of a breeze starting to kick in.
7:42 am
allentown stuck in the 40s but not staying there today. we look at the winds they are shifting out of the northeast. they are getting blustery in spots. up in the teens in atlantic city. out on the point in sea isle city and cape may county and is a miles per hour in -- 15 miles per hour in philadelphia. the wind will pick up averaging 12 to 25 miles per hour as we go through the afternoon. a little bit breezy, cooler than yesterday, a little clouds too although they are high and thin, but the sunshine will get through. the clouds will get thicker as the day goes on. it's cooler. in the lehigh valley, high clouds breezy and cooler, 66 degrees, milder up north than it will be the farther south you go, when you get closer to the cool onshore flow. in atlantic city, high clouds, breezy and cool conditions with the winds wrapping in off the cool ocean water. in philadelphia, 63 this afternoon. breezy and cooler sun trying to
7:43 am
bust through the clouds. having more trouble later in the day. there's the east wind 12 to 25 miles per hour. 54 degrees by 8:00. 58 degrees by 11:00. in the low 60s the rest of the afternoon with a high of 63. right around 3:00 p.m. and as you head to the golf links if you have tee times, the breeze his may play with the long drieshes. 58 degrees by 11:00 a.m., dress warmly on the golf course, breezy and cooler than yesterday. if you're heading to the union match versus new england i'll be down there dooping it up, 62 degrees at the start of the match, 58 degrees in the 90th
7:44 am
minute. we'll see rain arriving after midnight. at 4:30, when i am back on the air with you i'll have something on storm tracker 6 live, including the heavier rain that will build through the region. here's the 9:00 a.m. commute. obviously this rain is coming down heavy. by the afternoon we're down to spotty showers here or there. maybe a couple of thunderstorms popping up and later in the evening another chance of some additional thunderstorms. in fact any thunderstorms that do pile up later in the afternoon or evening have a little bit of a chance of producing strong gusty winds and perhaps some hail. if you hear thunder take cover on the lower floors. 63 is the high, breezy and cooler. a nice seasonable day overall. tomorrow we're back up to 73. rain in the morning abbey spotty showers and gusty thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. tuesday we are back to the sun 67 degrees.
7:45 am
wednesday, increasing clouds wednesday, 65 degrees. spotty shower, thursday, mostly cloudy, another spotty shower around, not a washout. 59 degrees friday, and saturday, in the 50s. >> april showers bring may flowers. those who have children on the autism spectrum has grown. they are moving into at -- adulthood is growing across the country. >> reporter: like many college students andrew changed his major a few times he has a love/hate relationship with math and fantasy novels. andrew represents a new college student one dealing with autism.
7:46 am
the philadelphia autism project recent report statements that in pennsylvania alone 20,000 autistic children will become adults by 20 20. while there's a stronger network for younger children, for orderly children that's still in the works. >> there are huge gaps for what is needed. >> reporter: gale stein said the wide variation present a major challenge. are a -- regardless whether a youngster is college material or heading to work there's a need. >> they are not getting enough life training there are many adults not getting care and suffering very bad outcomes from
7:47 am
treatable medical problems. >> reporter: after struggling to develop good study habits and time management, andrew is on track for a psychology degree. >> last month i was on a panel discussion about transition from high school to college for children in the autism spectrum. >> reporter: later this year, chop plans to hold sessions and the project has identified 139 initiatives to develop. it's all the beginning of a new chapter on autism. erin o'hern channel 6 "action news." been experiencing a snail infestation? no? i'll tell you later. polygons. without them: no shapes. without shapes, our world has no form. but you can use the polygonal search tool on the new apartments-dot-com to define the area in which you want to find your next apartment.
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there. what if i lived in that area? oh,interesting. change your apartment... change the world.
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a piece of philadelphia history is now history a crane and a wrecking ball took down the former center city location of philadelphia international records. it was the birth place of the iconic sound of philadelphia. the company was once owned by
7:50 am
song writers kenny gamble and leon huff. the buildings was badly damaged by an arsonist. it will soon become the site of a hotel and condominium. a well-known dance director and choreography is in the spotlights on 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: jerome robins is known for his work on "west side story" and and the "the king and i." robins keen eye helps define his classical style and his focus on character development distinguished him from many other choreographers throughout the century. >> sometimes you're watching a play. >> it's a great theatrical
7:51 am
piece. >> reporter: the pennsylvania bali will feature three pieces by robins. >> the whole movie told in 40 minutes. it has intensity and love and passion and fun but estimate wooching a live movie. -- but statement you're watching a live movie. he creates talent for the dancerses to become actors, not just the actors to become dancers. you're sitting in the audience it feels like you're watching a movie. a tribute to jerome robins run through may 10th at the academy of music.
7:52 am
for 6abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers. #. a homeless man has a place to live after he stumbled upon a forgotten bank account. he had been sleeping in a cardboard bus stop. at first he had trouble tracing his records because he is a native of poland and american citizen. once they found his birth statistic -- certificate they found a long lost bank account. >> we're stay tuned. >> reporter: the bank changed names over the year, it turns out social security had been piling up, it was enough to buy him permanent housing. a youngster from north carolina will never forget this year's school photo shoot. james bases -- bass just
7:53 am
returned home from kuwait. he photo bombed his son's picture. >> you still got it. >> i still got it? [laughter]. they look just alike. corporal dash is back after a one year deployment overseas. ♪♪
7:54 am
♪♪ ♪♪ have a day to remember. it's easy with a free red velvet cake with a 10 piece meal or larger.
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>> let's get it one last check of the weather. >> reporter: cooler than yesterday, breezy with winds out of the northeast. 56 degrees in philadelphia. currently. allentown is in the 50 rest after spending most of the morning in the 40s.
7:56 am
low 50s down the shore. this afternoon high clouds build. it's cooler than yesterday. the 63-degree high at # p.m. is on average for this time. year. >> that sounds good to me. it is 7:56 we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." >> reporter: good morning, eva. a wildfire spreading quickly in southern california. the frantic efforts to put out this stubborn and hard to reach fire. speaking out the mailman who flew his gyrocopter the first public comments since the infamous flight. you know their music we're talking about the latest class of musicians inducted into the hall of fame. it happened last night. ringo getting inducted as a solo
7:57 am
act, he reunited with his bands mate paul mccartney. "action news" continues later this morning here's the stories we're working on for you. three people are recovering after a school sponsored event we'll have more on the shooting. i'm eva pilgrim, have a great sunday! we'll see you at 9:00 a.m.
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good morning, america. breaking right now, wicked wildfire, the fast-moving flames threatening hundreds of homes. >> flames are getting higher and brighter. >> the fire doubling in size overnight, even seen from this plane. >> and the new challenges firefighters face this morning. severe storms, more than 50 million people in the danger zone, the pounding rain and the heavy flooding. high winds ripping off a church steeple. >> oh, boy, that was a big one. >> and giant hailstones in oklahoma. rob marciano tracking it all. new overnight, gyrocopter pilot speaks. what was he thinking when he pulled off that crazy stunt outside the u.s. capitol.


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